We believe that the pursuits of people with a sincere intention who realize that desires, progress, success and sense of satisfaction acquired from accomplished goals are not permanent; people who seek true success that will add meaning to life and who pursue the means of attaining inner peace are extremely valuable.

We believe it is a fundamental necessity and responsibility to help people overcome the concerns of giving meaning to life; in revealing the ultimate objectives and values consistent with the purpose of existence; presenting the necessary guidance with an effective, updated content in an extensive and aesthetical manner to all people, and strive for a world full conscientious, fair and righteous people of high morality who have attained inner peace.

SERVER is a result of this sense of responsibility.

Our primary goal is to facilitate the development of righteous and honorable individuals with positive characteristics who base every aspect of their lives on righteous love; who endeavor to embrace and live a lifestyle suitable for their purpose of existence and are willing to make more efforts to understand each other by breaking prejudices and are distant from any kind of discrimination.

While SERVER aims to provide humanity with unique and high-quality products, services and activities needed to achieve this goal, every individual with the similar ideas and objectives can relate to SERVER and be a natural stakeholder of this effort.

Our target audience is the 8 billion people living on the earth that we address with a universal approach beyond any geographical boundaries, ethnicity and language unity.